11 Things to Do While Movers are Moving Your Stuff

Moving can be stressful but hiring movers can help make it easier. Here's a list of 11 things you can do while your movers are working.

11 Things to Do While Movers are Moving Your Stuff

Moving can be a stressful experience, especially if you're doing it yourself. Hiring movers can help make the process easier, but you may still be wondering what to do while they're working. Here's a list of 11 things you can do while your movers are moving. First, set clear expectations with your moving company.

Provide them with instructions on where to park, what to move, and where to place it in your new home. This will help ensure that they meet or exceed your expectations. Second, don't forget to tip the moving company. Tips are common and appreciated by moving companies, and you should plan to tip based on the total cost of the work or per moving company.

If a percentage tip is given, it is customary to give a tip of between 10% and 20%. Third, make sure all of your belongings are securely packed in sturdy moving boxes and containers before the moving company arrives. Valuable items should be kept in your car. Fourth, get rid of any items that you don't need to move.

This will reduce the time and money you spend on moving. Fifth, get your bed ready for the move by removing the mattress and folding all the bedding before the move. Sixth, leave books and knickknacks on the shelf, plates in the closet, and clothes hanging in the closet on the day of the move. This will help make the move go more quickly.

Seventh, designate a space for furniture or appliances that won't be moving with you. This will help ensure that movers don't have to ask you what things to move and what not to move. Eighth, do some cleaning and cleaning tasks before people from the moving company arrive so that they don't stumble into a mess when trying to move your belongings. Ninth, if possible, get to your new home before the moving company arrives to check everything quickly.

Do the same with your old house once everyone leaves to make sure it's ready for the next family. Tenth, avoid telling movers what to do. They likely have experience moving valuable items, but they'll also get on a truck with the rest of their belongings, and transporters can't do much to keep your things safe. Finally, be there when packers and shippers finish their work so that you can address all the details and paperwork.

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