Do I Need to Be Present for the Moving Company?

Minimizing the risk of transmission during a full-service move is essential. Learn more about moving etiquette and what you should do while movers pack and move your things.

Do I Need to Be Present for the Moving Company?

Minimizing the risk of transmission during a full-service move is essential. The best way to ensure a successful move is to be present when the packing and moving teams are on-site. They may have questions that only you can answer, so it's important to be there. Moving etiquette goes beyond the day of the move; being considerate and communicative throughout the process will make for a smooth transition to your new home.

If you're moving on a cold or snowy day, take out a shovel and clear the sidewalks and roads before the moving company arrives. Help movers by letting them know where they can park their truck, the best way to access your apartment, and any time limits on parking or moving hours. The moving professionals you hired are responsible for keeping items in your home safe and preventing any property damage, but you should also do your part when it comes to safety on the day of the move. Trying to save money at the last minute is bad etiquette and shows a lack of respect for moving companies.

Moving day is a collaborative effort, so whether you're working with professional movers or have help from friends, it's important to consider how etiquette makes the process easier for everyone involved. Get a list of prohibited items from your moving company in advance and keep them away when carriers arrive. If you've done your homework and hired one of the best moving companies in your area, and you've finished the preparation phase before they arrive, you can take some time off while they work and use that time to take care of last-minute tasks before moving. Another important thing to do during your full-service move is to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

Whatever your reason for using a full-service moving company, it's wise to know what you're expected to do when they pack and move your things. Generally, you should let them work but be there if they have questions or if there are issues that need resolving. Keep children and pets safe out of the way of transporters, and pack your own car with anything you're transporting yourself. Moving many miles across the country is another situation where it's best to hire professionals to pack and move your items quickly, safely, and seamlessly.

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