What Additional Services Does a Moving and Storage Company Offer?

Learn about additional services offered by moving & storage companies such as in-transit storage, free storage for long-distance moves, full-service moving services & more.

What Additional Services Does a Moving and Storage Company Offer?

Moving APT is a full-service moving company that provides long-distance moving, packaging, and storage services. They offer the best moves across the country at affordable prices. One of the services they provide is known as in-transit storage. This means that they will pick up your items, store them in their own warehouse, and then deliver them to your new home when you're ready.

Before choosing a moving and storage company for your next move, it's important to check with the Better Business Bureau. This service may be beneficial if you have items to pick up from two different locations, such as your home and a storage unit. If you're planning a long-distance move, many companies include 30 days of free storage in their moving estimates. Renting a storage unit requires you to go through the moving process twice, once to store your belongings and once to transport them to your home.

The difficulty of the move and the time it takes are also important factors in the cost of hiring professional movers. Read on to learn how much both full-service moving companies and smaller local moving companies charge for storage. Professional moving companies usually offer “full service”, meaning that they can help you with every step of the move, from packing and loading to delivery and beyond. The moving company will load your belongings into the truck and then deliver them to a secure storage vault in one of their warehouses.

This is like hitting “pause” on your move and delaying the delivery process for as long as you need. While they work differently than traditional storage companies, they can provide cost-effective storage for complicated moves. Plus, their 5 x 8 x 7.5 foot storage units are safe and reliable, and you won't have to share space with another customer's belongings. Keep in mind that accessing everything you have stored (if necessary) will also cost extra money since warehouse employees must use a forklift truck to store and retrieve the shipment.

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