What Are the Additional Fees for Moving and Storage Companies?

When planning a move, it's important to consider all costs associated with it. Learn about additional fees related to moving & storage companies.

What Are the Additional Fees for Moving and Storage Companies?

When you're planning a move, it's important to consider all the costs associated with it. While most moving companies will provide an estimate of the cost of the move, there are some additional fees that may not be included in the budget. These can include charges related to moving a shipment from origin to destination, storage fees, and transportation costs for pickup and delivery. It's also important to understand that moving companies don't offer insurance, but rather fee-based liability for loss and damage.

Moving companies typically offer free storage for 30 days in their service packages or as an incentive to close a deal. However, long-term storage through a moving company can be expensive, as they charge between 30 and 50 cents per cubic foot. If you need storage for more than a month, it's usually best to opt for a personal storage unit or a moving container. The main cost factors of moving household items are distance and weight, which determine the charge for “line transportation”.

Valuable works of art also fall into this category and may require you to hire an independent moving company for those items. Carriers should be more careful when handling these items and take special precautions and arrangements to accommodate them when loaded. Many local and long-distance moving companies across the country offer short-term storage solutions for their customers. Storage facilities require proper notice to move, make it clear if they need it in writing, and what is expected of you to rescind the contract when you're ready to move to your next home.

If you simply miscalculated, be proactive and contact your customer service representative beforehand, instead of letting the move-in day talk to the movers who are there to do the heavy lifting. After determining the type of moving company, the number of rooms, the hours of work and the initial cost, the next important factor to consider are the additional services offered by the moving company. When in doubt, your moving company should be able to explain to you what constitutes a local move and a long-distance move within your state. It's a good idea to look up several quotes beforehand, ask questions about possible fees during the quote process, and do your best to eliminate potential fees before they become a problem during the move.

You can always go for the “do it yourself” method and pack a moving truck for smaller loads. However, if you have valuable items or large furniture pieces that require special care or handling, it's best to hire professional movers who can build custom boxes in advance to move your sculptures and paintings.

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